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How i work

I firmly believe that the value of any Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consultant lies not only in what they do, but also in how they do it. This is my personal approach.


I will always tell it like it is, and get your organization to where it needs to be as efficiently and effectively as possible. If your organization has a white supremacy problem, I’ll name it. If your organization’s DEI program isn’t resourced enough to achieve what it’s been tasked to do, I’ll make that clear. My goal isn’t to inconvenience or embarrass senior leaders, but to create impactful change–which sometimes requires grappling with hard truths. If you work with me, it’s because you want to know what your organization needs to achieve DEI, upskill your tools for making change, and make solid progress that you and your stakeholders can see and feel. 

One size never fits all.

I don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Every service I provide, from strategy consulting to DEI assessment, is designed to take my clients’s unique situation into account to create high-impact change. No two engagements ever look the same, even for my repeat clients with which I’ve worked for years. And at times, we may learn something before or during an engagement that may indicate that other services–including services that I don’t provide–may be better fits than the one we’ve decided on. My role is to find the best path for your organization to achieving DEI, assisting you with that path if the work that I do is a good fit, and helping you find the right experts if it’s not. The flip side of all this? I don’t offer services off-the-shelf, or respond to requests for talks only weeks away. Impact takes time. 

Purposeful and pragmatic work.

My work is more than services offered; it’s challenges resolved. Expect any partnership with me to involve exploratory work with quantitative and qualitative data (both are necessary) and close collaboration to make sense of your organization’s story. Almost every project I’ve worked on has ended by solving a problem at least slightly different than the one described to me in the first meeting. That’s a hallmark of good work. For my clients, this means that if I doubt that my services can reasonably bring value or address a need, I will turn down an engagement. If you come to me seeking a speaking engagement and can’t articulate how you believe it’ll bring strategic value, I’ll respectfully decline the invitation. 

Systemic, not individual.

My specialty is getting to the heart of organizational and DEI problems, formulating strategies to solve them, and empowering leaders to carry out effective change on the organizational level. My approach focuses on the structural and cultural levers to make change, rather than trying to change every individual’s hearts and minds, and prioritizes working with stakeholder leaders. If you’re looking for a facilitator to lead emotional conversations for your entire workforce or a workshop trainer to deliver bottom-up workshops at scale train your entire workplace, I’d be happy to refer you to firms I trust that offer these services.

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